Anti-Ageing Treatment

Combining present treatments and equipment with new ideas and technologies ? that is the principle of Purebeau.

Shaping face and body through our micropigmentation method, creating little wonders, making faces shine again and lifting up demages, why not going one step further and use our knowledge and technique in anti-aging.

Take it one step beyond and make out of your professional two but just a bit adjusting your Purebeau equipment It is worth doing it and your client will Love you even more!




Needling can be done with any of the purebeau machines by just adding a new handpen with cartridge. On cartridge go as max high as 130


Anti Ageing Home Care

The Daily Serum lifts up the skin, balances the skin and makes it look much healthier. The Hydro Gel seals the skin with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A,C, E, Green Tea and softens the skin with antioxidants. It seals the hyaluronic complexes of the daily serum perfectly inside the skin. Rejuvintation Moisterizer softens the skin and keeps it natural moisture.


Needling Treatment Plan

Desinfect the treatment area with skin disinfection or cleaning milk


Use the Vitalaser Neutraliser to prepare the skin for treatment


Numbing the area with xtract2, leave for 10 minutes for best results.

Warm the Hyaluronic Acid in the injection vile to get best consistency, spread over the area. For small areas use Micro 7 Modul for lip wrinkles, aging lines, for bigger areas use the Max Modul with 20 heads.

We work the Hyaluronic Acid inside the skin by going from inside to the outside of the face or we can also do little circles. Simular to Ultrasonic treatments.

The area is then cleaned with Octaninsept. The area is then sealed with Rejuvination Hydro Gel. Home care starts directly with the 3 Step Hyaluronic Complex after 24 hours using step 1 Daily Serum, Step 2 Hydro Gel and Step 3 Moisteriser. Then you can apply your daily make-up.

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